Building Teaching Skill: Performance Revised


Teaching: 15 min
Exercises: 25 min
  • How did you change your teaching in response to feedback?

  • Use feedback to improve your teaching.

Round Two

Get back into the same groups you did your live coding with. Take turns re-teaching your chosen live coding session, making sure to incorporate changes based on the feedback you received. Give feedback to each other and add it to the Etherpad using our 2x2 rubric. Also add some feedback to the Etherpad on the following questions: What did you change? Did it work better or worse with the change? How might you do it if you were to teach it again?

This exercise should take about 25 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussion.

At the end of the morning, do the following:

Minute Cards Revisited

Use your sticky notes to write minute cards as discussed yesterday.

Key Points

  • (Reflective) Practice makes perfect.