Afternoon Wrap-Up


Teaching: 10 min
Exercises: 35 min
  • What do I need to do to finish certifying as a Carpentry instructor?

  • Describe the final steps required to qualify as an instructor.

  • Schedule your instructor discussion session.

  • Provide final feedback to your instructors.

Application form

Make sure that you have filled out the Carpentries instructor application form. We can not track your progress and make you an official instructor without it. If you have already filled out this form, you do not need to submit another application.

Instructor Checkout

As you read in your homework last night, the final three steps in qualifying as an instructor are to:

  1. Make a contribution to a lesson’s content, exercises, or instructor notes by doing one of the following:
    1. Submit a change (i.e. pull request) to fix an existing issue.
    2. Proof-read a lesson and add a new issue describing something to be improved.
    3. Provide substantive feedback on an existing issue or pull request.
  2. Take part in a discussion session with experienced instructors.
  3. Prepare to teach a full Carpentries lesson (i.e. the content of one lesson repository). Then perform a 5-minute live coding demo for that lesson starting at a point chosen by the session lead.

This page explains the procedure in detail.

Checking Out Review with Questions and Answers

In small groups, read and discuss one of the three checkout procedures listed above and described in detail at This page. Make notes in the etherpad and when you’re done, report back to the full group about the requirements for that stage of the process. What questions do you still have about the checkout process?

This exercise should take about 20 minutes.

Schedule a Discussion or Demo

Visit the discussion Etherpad to sign up for a session. If the session you would like to attend is full, contact the discussion host and co-host to ask if you can attend.

If you’d prefer to do your teaching demonstration before your discussion, visit the demo Etherpad and sign up there.

This exercise should take 5 minutes.

Not Just for Checkout

Discussion sessions aren’t only for instructors-in-training working towards their certification. Instructors are highly encouraged to participate in discussions before and after each of their workshops, so that they can continue to learn from each other and advance their teaching skills.

One Up, One Down

Provide one up, one down feedback on the entire two-day course.

Just as in our regular workshops, we collect post-instructor-training-workshop feedback. Your participation will help us evaluate the efficacy of this training and improve the content and delivery of the lesson materials.

This exercise should take 5 minutes.

Minute Cards

In addition to giving one up, one down feedback. Please also fill out your sticky notes to give your instructors anonymous feedback.

This exercise should take 5 minutes.

Post Workshop Surveys

Assessment is very important to us! Please take 5 minutes to complete this five-minute post-workshop survey.

This exercise should take 5 minutes.

Thank You

Thank you for taking part in this instructor training workshop. We hope it was a valuable and enjoyable experience, and we look forward to having you as Carpentry instructors!

Key Points

  • To certify, you must contribute to a lesson, take part in a discussion, and do a teaching demo within 90 days of your training event.