Instructor Training: Icebreakers

Icebreaker Ideas

Something Surprising

Find someone who shares something surprising with you (e.g. your pet has the same name, or you both brush your teeth in the shower). Put your “surprise” similarity into the Etherpad when you come back from break and vote on the most surprising.

We really want you to get to know your fellow learners and become comfortable interacting. There will be several interactive activities in the next two days. Let’s all start bonding now.

Why Are We Here?

Talk to people about why they are taking this course. How do their reasons compare to yours?

Past Experiences

If you have taken part in a Software, Data, or Library Carpentry workshop, how do your experiences compare to those of other people? If you haven’t, what questions do you have that they might be able to answer?

Discussing Concept Maps

Do concept maps feel useful to you? Are there other ways of drawing knowledge that appeal to you more?

Discussing Live Coding

How does participatory live coding compare to other kinds of demonstration-based teaching like lab lessons?

In the Real World

How practical do you think it would be to use the techniques you’ve learned in this workshop in regular teaching? In particular, do you think you would have enough time to prepare and teach lessons the ways you have been shown?

Favorite Food

What is your favorite food? It be a meal or snack, something you eat often or only on special occassions.

Teaching Passion

What aspect of teaching are you passionate about or do you really enjoy? Is it seeing lightbulb moment in a students eye or learning something new when you teach?