Instructor Training: Information for Member Organizations

Welcome to the Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry community. We are excited to welcome you as a member organization. Our instructor training process is a large part of how we spread the teaching culture of the Carpentries to new organizations. We’re looking forward to meeting your team and bringing them up to speed on how we teach so we can have the best impact on our learners.

Your annual membership gives you a number of slots in our instructor training program. This is a training for people who want to become instructors with the Carpentries (Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry). The workshop is a mix of lectures and hands-on lessons and is very interactive where trainees practice giving short lessons using approaches learned and implement some of the teaching techniques which we will discuss. This is training about pedagogical approach to teaching, not technical training specific to particular lessons. Trainees do not need any particular technical background, and we will not be teaching our workshop curriculum to trainees. This workshop is based on our constantly revised and updated open sourced curriculum for instructor training.

Our trainings are all offered as two day, online events. You can view our training calendar and sign up for a training that meets your team’s needs. A few points as you select dates:

Once you’ve confirmed dates and participants, here is some information about preparing for the event itself:

Lastly, some information about what happens after the event:

We’re excited to have you and your staff taking this important step to build a strong community of instructors at your organization. We look forward to welcoming your instructors into our community!