Summary and Schedule

This is a curriculum for training Carpentries Lesson Developer Trainers, preparing them to teach Collaborative Lesson Development Training (CLDT).

Target Audience

This training is aimed at members of The Carpentries community with experience of designing and/or developing educational material as an open source project, ideally in collaboration with others. These community members will be interested in becoming certified as Lesson Developer Trainers and delivering CLDT to other community members.


Before joining the training, participants should be able to:

  • teach a Carpentries workshop as a certified Instructor
  • summarise the main objectives of Collaborative Lesson Development Training
  • provide at least one example of a lesson/course/other educational material that they have developed

The following experience would be preferred:

  • write basic formatted text with Markdown (headings, links, bold, embedded images, lists)
  • use Git to track changes on a project
  • use GitHub to
    • create a repository
    • adjust repository access settings
    • activate GitHub Pages for a repository
    • open and close/merge issues and pull requests


After completing the training, participants should be able to:

  • list at least three advantages and at least one disadvantage of taking a backwards design approach to lesson/curriculum design
  • evaluate and provide feedback on the fundamental design elements of a lesson (target audience, objectives, assessment activities)
  • explain the importance of feedback to an iterative lesson development process
  • enhance discussions of lesson design and collaborative development using reflections from their own experience
  • list at least three tools and practices lesson developers can adopt to aid collaboration
  • initialise and customise the configuration of a new lesson website using The Carpentries lesson infrastructure
  • describe the lesson life cycle and the pathways a lesson can follow in The Carpentries community
  • contribute suggestions and changes to the Collaborative Lesson Development Training curriculum via GitHub

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.

No installation or setup is required for this curriculum.