Customizing Your Workshop's Website

Configuration File _config.yml

You should edit the _config.yml configuration file in the root directory of your workshop to configure some site-wide variables and make the site function correctly:

For example, if the URL for the repository is, the URL for the website will be

You should not need to modify any of the other values in _config.yml.

Home Page ( data in the YAML header

Your workshop’s home page lives in, which must define the values below in its header. If your workshop is taught online, see the following section for customization options.

The header may optionally define the following:

For online workshops

If the workshop is online, follow the same instructions as above with the following modifications:

Home Page: Schedule and Syllabus

You should edit the sections titled Schedule and Syllabus so that they show what you’re actually planning to teach and when. These files are located in the appropriate workshop folder (dc, lc or swc) inside the _includes folder.

Home Page: Setup

You may have to edit the setup.html located in the dc, lc or swc folders inside the _includes folder. Make sure you delete the sections for the software and data you will not be using in your workshop, so that learners don’t spend time installing software they don’t need.

Updating the repository

If for some reason, such as the installation instructions having become disconnected with the current lesson material, you need to get changes from this repository into the clone of it with your workshop page, please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Add the workshop-template repository as upstream:

    $ git remote add upstream
  2. Fetch the data from upstream repository (also know as the workshop-template repository):

    $ git pull upstream
  3. Address possible merge conflicts, and

    $ git commit -a
  4. Push the changes to your repository on GitHub:

    $ git push origin gh-pages