Summary and Setup

This is a GitHub skill-up for Carpentries Maintainers and lesson developers. It is designed primarily as a resource for skill-up leaders, but may also be useful for self-directed learning.

We recommend that skill-up leaders use the Instructor View when using the site.

Target Audience

The skill-up is aimed at people with a basic familiarity with the GitHub interface, and the process of editing files and committing changes to a repository via the GitHub web interface. It will be particularly relevant to people maintaining/developing a lesson using The Carpentries lesson infrastructure (the Workbench.


After following the skill-up, participants should be ready to practice the following skills:

  • Manage issues more effectively with labels, referencing, and automatic closure
  • Use GitHub’s comment and suggestion features to review pull requests
  • Resolve simple merge conflicts using the GitHub web interface


To follow this skill-up, you will need a GitHub account and a web browser.