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varnish 0.2.1

varnish 0.2.0

  • The sidebar state (expanded or collapsed) will now persist during navigation to another page in the same window/tab. Opening the site in a new window/tab will reset the sidebar state to expanded. (reported: #43 by @anenadic, fixed #46, @zkamvar). This fix uses the sessionStorage API.

varnish 0.1.16

  • CHAPTERS has been temporarily renamed to EPISODES to reduce cognative load between the webpage and the source folders

varnish 0.1.15

  • The search field has been disabled to avoid confusion. We have not yet enabled search as this requires further testing. Disabling the search field means that it is now more clear that search is not yet available. (#44 by @zkamvar)

varnish 0.1.14

  • indicators for lesson development stage (pre-alpha, alpha, beta) have been added as <abbr> elements with a link to the appropriate section in the CDH and title elements that describe the purpose of the stage. Visually hidden text follows the <abbr> element for users who can not perceive the lesson visually (#39 by @zkamvar, reviewed by @tobyhodges).
  • FIX: .lesson-title and .lesson-title-md are now inline-block elements

varnish 0.1.13

  • An alert for the workbench beta phase is implemented if the lesson has workbench-beta: true in the config.yaml.

varnish 0.1.12

  • dropdown navigation no longer is hidden by the sidebar on XXL screens; z-index of nav.bottom-nav set to 3. (reported: #35 by @brownsarahm, fixed: #36 by @zkamvar)

varnish 0.1.11

  • blockquotes are now more clearly delineated from the rest of the content (reported: #27 by @fiveop, fixed: #31 by @zkamvar)

varnish 0.1.10

  • lab and incubator logos are now available.

varnish 0.1.9

  • Fix missing pegboard version tag

varnish 0.1.8

  • custom workbench engines are now properly linked in the footer via the sandpaper_cfg pegboard_cfg, and varnish_cfg variables.
  • code of conduct link now points to the file so authors can update or modify their own code of conduct (NOTE: all Carpentries lessons MUST have a code of conduct that links to the Carpentries Code of Conduct as well as the reporting guidelines.

varnish 0.1.7

  • compile the changes from 0.1.6

varnish 0.1.6

  • Tables now scroll on overflow

varnish 0.1.5

varnish 0.1.4

varnish 0.1.3

  • Add small version of the carpentries logo

varnish 0.1.2

varnish 0.1.1

  • Add LICENSE file clarifying MIT licensing

varnish 0.1.0

  • Breaking change; moving from the carpentries/styles theme to the new theme developed in 2021. Variables and layouts have changed significantly, so this package gains a significant update.


  • instructor block placeholder added


  • update css to use em and not px
  • align logo with navbar
  • add testing phase notification to navbar


  • First tracked version of varnish
  • updated links to engines in the footer