More Practice Live Coding

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  • How did you change your teaching in response to feedback?


  • Use feedback to improve your teaching.

Continuing our theme of developing practical Carpentries teaching skills, this section provides another chance to practice live coding, to go through the process of observing and giving feedback, and to make changes to how we teach based on the feedback of others.

Round Two

  1. Before splitting into groups, read the rubric that is given to Instructor Trainers as a suggested framework for evaluating the online teaching demonstration sessions that are part of Instructor checkout. (Note: demos are not scored, so this rubric is for advisory purposes only.) What questions do you have?
  2. Return to your groups and repeat the previous live coding exercise, re-teaching the same content as before. This time, the presenter should incorporate changes based on feedback received, and everyone should try to ‘level up’ their feedback using the rubric for teaching demos.
  3. When you are finished, add some thoughts on this process to the Etherpad: What did you change? Did it work better or worse with the change? How might you do it if you were to teach it again?

This exercise should take about 10 minutes for rubric discussion, 25 minutes for teaching, and 10 minutes for de-brief.

Key Points

  • (Reflective) Practice makes progress.