Wrapping Up

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  • What can we improve in this training?


  • Reflect on the course.
  • Articulate constructive feedback.


Just as in our technical workshops, we collect feedback at the end of Instructor Training. This will help your Trainers continue to develop their skills and to participate in continually improving our curriculum. The Carpentries Surveys also provide vital information to The Carpentries Core Team and help us to report to our funders.

One Up, One Down

Provide one up, one down feedback on the entire Instructor Training course. Remember:

  • Say only one thing, and try not to duplicate. This gets harder for those who come later!
  • Trainers should try not to respond, only record responses (e.g.┬áin the Etherpad). This is also hard, but important!

This exercise should take about 10 minutes.

Minute Cards (optional alternative)

Please use your minute cards (sticky notes or virtual) to give your Trainers anonymous feedback directly.

This exercise should take 5 minutes.

Post Workshop Surveys

Assessment is very important to us! Please take the remaining time to complete this ~5 minute post-workshop survey.

Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your time with us! The Carpentries Instructor Training is, like so many things we do, a community-created experience. Your contributions and efforts in participating in this course have made a difference already! We hope it has been valuable and enjoyable for you, and we look forward to having you as Carpentries Instructors!

Key Points

  • Feedback applies to all kinds of learning, including learning how to teach.