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This function adds context to rmarkdown::pandoc_available() and provides an error message directing the user to download the latest version of pandoc or RStudio Desktop.


check_pandoc(quiet = TRUE, pv = "2.11", rv = "1.4")



if TRUE, no message will be emitted, otherwise the pandoc version and path will be sent as a message (stderr) to the screen.


the minimum pandoc version


the minimum rstudio version (if available)


# NOTE: this is an internal function, so there is no guarantee that the usage
# will remain the same across time. This is merely for demonstration purposes
# only.

# Check for pandoc ----------------------
asNamespace("sandpaper")$check_pandoc(quiet = FALSE)
#>  pandoc found
#>   version : 3.1.11
#>   path    : /opt/hostedtoolcache/pandoc/3.1.11/x64

# Message emitted when pandoc cannot be found --------
try(asNamespace("sandpaper")$check_pandoc(quiet = FALSE, pv = "999"))
#>  sandpaper requires pandoc version 999 or higher.
#> ! You have pandoc version 3.1.11 in /opt/hostedtoolcache/pandoc/3.1.11/x64
#> → Please visit <> to install the latest version.
#> Error : Incorrect pandoc version