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this is some documentation about options


option("sandpaper.show_draft" = TRUE)
option("sandpaper.links" = NULL)
option("sandpaper.use_renv" = FALSE)
option("sandpaper.package_cache_trigger" = FALSE)
option("sandpaper.test_fixture" = NULL)

As of 2022-02-22, there are several options that are used in sandpaper that may be manipulated by the user. This set may change in the future, but here are the description of these options and how they are set on startup:


Default: TRUE This is for user messages. If TRUE, a message about episodes in draft status (i.e. episodes that are in the folder, but not in the schedule) will be printed with get_drafts(). Setting this option to FALSE will turn off this feature.

Default: NULL This option provides a way to override the default place for links in your sandpaper lesson. If it is NULL and there is a file called at the top of the repository, this will be appended to the bottom of each page before it is rendered to HTML.


Default: variable This option should not be modified by the user. It determines if renv should be used locally for R-based lessons. It is set by use_package_cache() and unset by no_package_cache(). If a local user has never consented to using renv previously, then it defaults to FALSE, but if renv has previously been used, it will be TRUE.


Default: FALSE locally/TRUE on GitHub this tells R Markdown lessons to rebuild everything if the renv lockfile changes.


Default: NULL This is ONLY for internal use for testing interactive components non-interactively and for setting renv to behave correctly while testing.