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Episode order for Carpentries lessons originally used a strategy of prefixing files by a two-digit number to force a specific order by filename. This function will strip these numbers from the filename and set the schedule according to the original order.


strip_prefix(path = ".", write = FALSE)



the path to the lesson (defaults to the current working directory)


defaults to FALSE, which will show the potential changes. If TRUE, the schedule will be modified and written to config.yaml


when write = TRUE, the modified list of episodes. When write = FALSE, the modified call is returned.


git will recognise this as deleting a file and then adding a new file in the stage. If you run git add, it should recognise that it is a rename.

See also

create_episode() for creating new episodes, move_episode() for moving individual episodes around.


if (FALSE) {
  strip_prefix() # test if the function is doing what you want it to do
  strip_prefix(write = TRUE) # rewrite the episode names