Workbench Developer’s Guide

Learn how to build, debug, and contribute to the components that make up The Carpentries Workbench.


Zhian N. Kamvar


December 31, 2023


The Carpentries Workbench is a open-source and portable lesson infrastructure built with the R programming language. Despite it being built in R, contributors do not need to know any R in order to use it to build reliable, stylish, and accessible lessons.

This book serves as development documentation for The Carpentries Workbench. It was written between June and December 2023 primarily to orient new developers and contributors to The Workbench ecosystem. It was written in conjunction with ongoing development, training, and maintenance of The Carpentries Workbench and thus should be considered in a draft state.


This book assumes familiarity with R Package Development. If you are unfamiliar, please read R Packages (2e) (Wickham and Bryan 2023).