Summary and Setup

Welcome to The Carpentries Maintainer onboarding! Maintainers form the backbone of The Carpentries community by keeping the lessons running smoothly and making sure they conform to The Carpentries pedagogical model. This training is designed to prepare new Maintainers for this role, including:

  • Communicating with Contributors - Maintainers facilitate collaboration on lesson development and are often the first point of contact for new contributors to The Carpentries community. They play a prominent role in representing The Carpentries community online. You will develop skills for creating a positive environment for all contributors.

  • Communicating with other Maintainers - As a new Maintainer, you are part of a large team supporting over 40 official lessons. You will learn how to connect with other Maintainers, The Carpentries Curriculum Team, and the Maintainer Community Lead for advice and support.

  • Infrastructure for Lesson Maintenance - Maintainers ensure that lessons have a consistent look and feel by following styling guidelines and formatting conventions. You will become familiar with key components of The Carpentries lesson template and practice core technical skills for lesson maintenance through GitHub.

  • Communicating with Curriculum Advisors - You will learn about the role of Curriculum Advisors, and how lesson Maintainers and Curriculum Advisors work together to support the lessons.

There is no preparation required for this training.