Welcome to the Maintainer Community

  • The Carpentries is a community of practice. We strive to provide a welcoming environment for all learners and take our Code of Conduct seriously.
  • This training will prepare you to get started in your role as a Maintainer.

Communicating with Contributors

  • Valuing all contributions is one of The Carpentries Core Values.
  • Not all contributions can, or should, be accepted.

Communicating with Other Maintainers

  • The Maintainer community communicates on TopicBox, Slack, and GitHub.
  • The Maintainer community meets monthly.

Communicating with Curriculum Advisors

  • The Curriculum Advisory Committee consultation rubric outlines division of responsibilities between Maintainers and Curriculum Advisors.

Infrastructure for Lesson Maintenance

The Carpentries Git Workflow

  • It can be helpful to clone a pull request branch to your computer and build a local version of the lesson to see how a contributor’s changes will look in the website
  • As a Maintainer, you can choose to edit your lesson using branches on the repository or on your fork