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This provides a service for build_site() so that it does not build files that are used for aggregation, resource provision, or GitHub specific files





the database from get_built_db()


the same database with the above files filtered out


There are three types of files that are reserved and we do not want to propogate to the HTML site

GitHub specific files

These are the README and CONTRIBUTING files. Both of these files provide information that is useful only in the context of GitHub

Aggregation files

These are files that are aggregated together with other files or have content appended to them:

  • index and learners/setup are concatenated

  • all markdown files in profiles/ are concatenated

  • instructors/instructor-notes have the inline instructor notes concatenated.

Resource provision files

At the moment, there is one file that we use for resource provision and should not be propogated to the site: links. This provides global links for the lesson. It provides no content in and of itself.

See also

get_built_db() that provides the database and build_site(), which uses the function