Carpentry Trainer Training Program

This is the on-boarding curriculum for new Instructor Trainers. This material supports 8 1-hour discussion meetings based on assigned reading from our textbook, How Learning Works by Ambrose et al., as well as our Instructor Training Curriculum. Completion of this series is the main step towards certification to teach Carpentries Instructor Training workshops.


This curriculum targets individuals who have applied and been accepted as Carpentries Instructor Trainers. It is generally expected that learners either have extensive background in teaching or have demonstrated commitment to Carpentries teaching practices through involvement with the community. However, no particular background knowledge is necessary to participate fully in these discussions.


Week Readings Pages Curriculum / Other
1 Foreword, About the Authors, Introduction, Chapter 1 xiii-xvi, xix-9; 10-39 Trainer Agreement, Code of Conduct, Trainers Guide (skim), Instructor Training Curriculum (preview), Instructor Training Curriculum Repository (preview)
2 Chapter 2, Appendix A, Appendix B, Chapter 3 40-65; 225-230; 66-90
3 Chapter 4, Appendix D, Chapter 5 91-120, 244-7, 121-152
4 Chapter 6, Chapter 7 152-187, 188-216 Explore as a commenting tool
5 Welcome, How Learning Works: The Importance of Practice, How Learning Works: Expertise and Instruction
6 How Learning Works: Working Memory and Cognitive Load, Building Teaching Skill: Getting Feedback, Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Motivation and Demotivation
7 Creating a Positive Learning Environment: Mindset, Building Teaching Skill: The Importance of Practice, Wrap-Up and Homework, Building Teaching Skill: Lesson Study, Building Teaching Skill: Live Coding, Building Teaching Skill: Performance Revised, The Carpentries: Workshop Introductions
8 Conclusion 217-224 The Carpentries: How We Operate, The Carpentries: Teaching Practices, Afternoon Wrap-Up, Operations Guide, Pre-Workshop Reading: The Science of Learning