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CI stands for "Continuous Integration" and CD stands for "Continuous Deployment".

The goal of CI/CD is to have a fully automated process of deploying new versions of AMY to a server. Currently it is only working for testing stage, but could be extended to production at some point, too.

During CI stage, the following happens:

  1. Code is pushed to GitHub.
  2. GitHub Actions runs tests.
  3. If tests pass, then a new Docker image is built and pushed to AWS Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

Then CD stage starts:

  1. A new version of AMY is deployed to testing stage.

The CI/CD pipeline is run by GitHub Actions. It is defined in .github/workflows/cicd_develop.yml (for develop branch) file.

Note that there is another workflow .github/workflows/cicd_main.yml that is run only for the main branch, but it doesn't contain any other steps (stages) than test.

Stage details


There is a separate test stage for CI/CD defined in .github/workflows/test.yml file and included in the main cicd_develop.yml file. It installs all the dependencies, sets up database and runs tests.


The build stage is defined in .github/workflows/cicd_develop.yml file. After logging in to AWS ECR, it builds a Docker image and pushes it to AWS ECR with last commit hash as a image tag.


The deploy stage is defined in .github/workflows/cicd_develop.yml file. It is only run when GitHub Actions is triggered by a push to develop branch, either through a PR merge or direct push.

Deployment uses an AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) task definition downloaded to a GitHub agent. Then this file has the image tag updated to the one that was built in the build stage. Then the task definition is uploaded to AWS ECS and a new task is started.