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Views hierarchy

"View" is Django term for a piece of logic responsible for rendering a page (using template) or processing a request (for example adding a blog post through some form).

There's a lot of various views in AMY, but some of them share common behavior. Since they are implemented in OOP (object-oriented programming), it was possible to extract common behaviours in form of class mixins. They are described below.

Mixins and base views

The concept of mixins is extensively used in Django's class based views. A lot of them is used in AMY, too. Good resource to read about the views is CCBV.

ActionManageMixin (amy/autoemails/

This mixin was designed to support triggering actions (from automated emails project) by inheriting from it in class-based views, but as it turned out this is never used. Its add and remove static methods are used quite often, on the other hand.

This mixin should be redesigned to a controller or helper class.

WRFInitial (amy/extrequests/

This mixin is used in views:

  • WorkshopRequestAcceptEvent
  • WorkshopInquiryAcceptEvent
  • SelfOrganisedSubmissionAcceptEvent

The purpose is to provide initial values (like event start, end dates, tags, curricula, public status, and contact information). Most of these values are the same for all 3 views, but in some corner cases they are located differently. For example, in SelfOrganisedSubmission model there's a relation to curricula called workshop_types, but in WorkshopRequest and WorkshopInquiryRequest the same relation is called requested_workshop_types.

AMYCreateAndFetchObjectView (amy/extrequests/

AMYCreateView extended with fetching a different object based on URL parameter.

Useful when there's a need to create an object related to another existing object, e.g. to create an event from a WorkshopRequest object.

GetMembershipMixin (amy/fiscal/

A small mixin fetching membership based on URL parameter on every request.

MembershipFormsetView (amy/fiscal/

A mixin based on FormView but intended for handling formsets, especially formsets containing multiple membership-related objects (e.g. membership member organisations and their roles, or membership tasks).

UnquoteSlugMixin (amy/fiscal/

Used when URL slug field, needed to access the object represented by that field, may contain characters requiring unquoting. This is used by 3 organisation-related views (details, update, delete).

FormInvalidMessageMixin (amy/workshops/

Add an error message on invalid form submission.

AMYDetailView (amy/workshops/

Almost a direct, not extended descendant of DetailView, with one small exception: it contains type annotation for object attribute of the class.

AMYCreateView (amy/workshops/

Class-based view for creating objects that extends default template context by adding model class used in objects creation. Additionally defines default form template, default form helper, default title, default success message, and default invalid form message.

AMYUpdateView (amy/workshops/

Class-based view for updating objects that extends default template context by adding proper page title.

Provides the same changes as AMYCreateView.

AMYDeleteView (amy/workshops/

Class-based view for deleting objects that additionally handles ProtectedErrors (occur when attempting to delete a foreign-referenced object). Blocks GET requests.

AMYFormView (amy/workshops/

Not used, should be removed.

AMYListView (amy/workshops/

Configures ListView with filters (if provided), pagination using custom paginator, and some basic context.

EmailSendMixin (amy/workshops/

Used for sending emails when forms pass validation upon POST request.

RedirectSupportMixin (amy/workshops/

Implements a safe redirect after form is submitted.

PrepopulationSupportMixin (amy/workshops/

Supports populating some form fields with values, e.g. from GET parameters.

AutoresponderMixin (amy/workshops/

Automatically emails the form sender.

StateFilterMixin (amy/workshops/

Small mixin used to change default filter value for state field (sets it to pending).

ChangeRequestStateView (amy/workshops/

Almost standalone view used by WorkshopRequest, WorkshopInquiryRequest, and SelfOrganisedSubmission to change request state (to accepted, discarded, or pending).

AssignView (amy/workshops/

Almost standalone view used to assign specific person to WorkshopRequest, WorkshopInquiryRequest, SelfOrganisedSubmission or Event.

ConditionallyEnabledMixin (amy/workshops/

Mixin for enabling views based on feature flag.

OnlyForAdminsMixin (amy/workshops/utils/

Contains a pre-defined test function checking if user is authenticated and if user is considered an administrator.

OnlyForAdminsNoRedirectMixin (amy/workshops/utils/

Same as OnlyForAdminsMixin, but will not redirect to the login page when test function fails, but instead will throw "permissions denied" exception.

LoginNotRequiredMixin (amy/workshops/utils/

Empty class to indicate that specific view is open to public, and doesn't need any permission checking.