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Release-Specific Manual Deployment Steps

This document tracks steps that must be completed manually before or after the specified release is deployed.


  1. Deploy the worker correctly to PROD environment
  2. Prepare production email worker account only with knox.add_authtoken permission and active status
    • put this account credentials in SSM parameters /{stage}/email-worker/token_username and /{stage}/email-worker/token_password


  • Update Redash queries about training requests to change group_name to member_code (in line with changes to the TrainingRequest model).



  • Add variables to Ansible playbook to set EMAIL_MODULE_ENABLED flag


  • Run seeding scripts and on the server:

    $ sudo su
    # cd /webapps/
    # source .venv/bin/postactivate
    # .venv/bin/python3 runscript seed_involvements
    # .venv/bin/python3 runscript seed_training_requirements
  • Merge updated documentation to develop