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Model versioning


For a long time, AMY was almost single-application project: most of the logic, models and views was contained in workshops application; there was also api application and extforms for showing forms to the external users.

workshops grew to a massive size and needed splitting into smaller applications. However, some previous design decisions made the split complicated. Namely versioning system, provided by django-reversion, due to model instance serialization, was not flexible when it came to data migration, and very difficult when it came to move the underlying model to another app.

Not all models have versioning system enabled. Those that don't were moved to corresponding applications.

Go to application design for more details on how the applications are set up.

List of versioned models

Below you'll find list of models with versioning enabled.

  • recruitment:
    • InstructorRecruitment,
    • InstructorRecruitmentSignup,
  • workshops:
    • Organization,
    • Membership,
    • Airport,
    • Person,
    • Event,
    • Task.
    • TrainingRequest,
    • TrainingRequirement,
    • TrainingProgress,
    • WorkshopRequest.