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AMY release v0.9.7

This note was taken from v1.0.0; sorry for the brevity.

  • Piotr added a new country: 'Online' (for international / online events, like some Instructor Trainings).
  • The dashboard was changed to show not only upcoming, but also ongoing workshops (in the same column).
  • Greg added some helper commands to report inconsistencies in PDF certificates for instructors.
  • Greg also removed old command used for checking AMY's database against SWC site's archive. Site has moved to use AMY's API, so the archive was gone and the command was made redundant.
  • Piotr updated script (used for checking workshop settings correctness) from workshop-template repository.
  • Greg cleared up titles of forms introduced in v0.9.5.
  • Piotr split these forms' templates and added SWC and DC logos to them.