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AMY release v1.0.0

That was a looong ride, but we're finally here! AMY is mature enough to be given the v1.0.0 tag.

New features

  • We have a new database for development use.
  • Piotr changed the way AMY handles event URLs:
    • admins cannot use GitHub repository URL for event's URL
    • migration was used to change all URLs to website-URL format (if possible)
    • Piotr also fixed import/update from URL feature to auto-select country if possible
    • …and to auto-use correct website URL instead of repository URL.
  • AMY auto-counts event attendees if provided with a list of attendees (for example via bulk-upload).
  • External links now open in new tabs.
  • Now there are more options to Event.invoice (for example with reason for lack of invoice).
  • New remove awards functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Bulk-uploaded CSVs with entries that contained empty rows (for example: ,,,,,,) were treated as correct, but not anymore.
  • "Artificial" country European Union had been removed and was brought back since some hosts were using it.
  • API now returns website URLs to events instead of original URLs.