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AMY release v1.1.0

This is the second post-gsoc release of AMY, the workshop management tool for Software-Carpentry. Below you can find a release notes for v1.1.0.


We're very happy to announce that development of AMY versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 is supported by prof. Ethan White. Thanks a lot!

New features

  • New switch for Open/Closed requests (both profile update requests and workshop requests). Admins will be able to look up dismissed or finished requests.
  • "Recently changed" log was moved to a separate view so that it doesn't clutter the dashboard.
  • Some objects (events, hosts, persons, airports, tasks) are followed by django-reversion. Thanks to that fact we can now show who+when created any of these objects and who+when last modified it.
  • Each event marked as "uninvoiced" can easily be invoiced by the admin thanks to the new "Invoice" button on the event's details page.
  • New report: people who have been through instructor training but didn't finish.
  • Self-organized workshops can now have a "self-organized" host.
  • New report: show how often instructors teach.
  • Admins can mark events as completed and throw them out of the filter results.
  • Big: events can have multiple TODO items associated with them.

Bug fixes

  • Small typo in fixed.
  • Logic for displaying uninvoiced events was fixed so that events marked as uninvoiced but without any admin fee do show up on the dashboard.
  • Fields layout on the profile update request details page was changed to avoid confusion.
  • Better wording in email request to workshop hosts for attendees figures.