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AMY release v1.3.0

In the past month we've seen two releases of AMY: v1.2.1 and v1.3.0. This is a joined release notes for both of them.

New features

  • use custom-built jQuery-UI (so that we no longer have conflicts with Bootstrap's tooltip module)
  • Greg updated the script used to send instructors "Hey, update your info" mails (it's getting removed later on)
  • it's possible to add memberships per host
  • new badge: DC instructor
  • new logic for dealing with two instructor badges
  • timeline of TO-DO items
  • basic models (e.g. lessons, tags, academic levels, etc.) are now manageable from Django's admin interface
  • all persons view: add filtering by workshop type person taught at
  • remove blurred production database in favor of generated fake database
  • mailing script turned into better Django management command
  • bulk upload now shows generated username and suggested people with matching names
  • show preview of event on SWC website
  • API: filter events by tags

Bug fixes

  • wrong URL used in event validation or import/update features is now indicated (and we won't receive wrong notifications about it)
  • properly throw 404 on some pages (previously: 500)
  • spaces are striped from Person and ProfileUpdateRequest fields (names, emails)
  • disable location inputs on event details page if online country was preselected


  • Greg removed some unused scripts ( and commands (
  • notifications about invalid HTTP header Host
  • other removed scripts and commands