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AMY release v1.5.1

This past month we had a number of submissions from prospect GSOC'16 students (yay!) and, for the first time, number of bugs fixed exceeded number of new enhancements.

Since the number of new features is small, we decided to release a minor version (v1.5.1).

Contributions by GSOC students

March 2016 held GSOC'16 applications period for students. We had a lot of students this year and we encouraged them to take a look at AMY and maybe fix something. This resulted in a number of good contributions.

New features

Starting with new features since there's so few of them:

  • Greg extended the command to additionally return events people participated in
  • Shubham Singh added "Notes" field to instructor profile update form
  • Shubham Singh added new tag "hackaton"
  • Greg removed command
  • Piotr enabled autogeneration of user's username after they're added to the database
  • Greg added link to Privacy Policy in the footer.

Bug fixes

  • Nikhil Verma found and fixed "List duplicates" page error when no duplicates existed
  • Chris Medrela found and fixed 404 page for revision that didn't exist
  • Greg fixed NameError in
  • Piotr fixed a 500 error appearing when user submitted incomplete form used for matching people's names
  • Maneesha Sane fixed minimal number of instructors required in our workshop request form
  • Piotr fixed API renderers (CSV, YAML) not iterating generators but displaying their textual representations
  • Piotr fixed instructors-num-taught report to include people's names
  • Piotr fixed a small typo in the name of post-workshop survey for instructors (it was called "pre")
  • Piotr made the emails case-insensitive
  • Piotr fixed some 500 errors related to event importing.