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AMY release v1.6.1

We're taking momentum! Two days after v1.6.0 release, we're releasing a minor bug-fix version v1.6.1 which is not as small as you might think.

New features

  • Aditya changed the default value for invoice status field for events to "Not invoiced" (it was: "unknown").
  • Piotr added a link to the login form on the logout page. In future, we're going to redirect to the login page with a message, but we're waiting for Django to release a feature that will allow us to do this easily.
  • Piotr restyled login page so that it's clearer that people can use user+password OR GitHub account to log into AMY.

Bug fixes

  • Chris provided tests that make sure we don't have bugs associated with saving M2M-related objects in an AutoProfileUpdateForm.
  • Piotr added a link to the profile view page in the top navigation bar. This links to a trainee-dashboard page if current user is not an admin, and to a person-details page otherwise.
  • Chris fixed indentation of lists when they're placed inside of tables.
  • Chris added clickable links in some help texts in the training request form.
  • Chris fixed wording in one field of the aforementioned form.
  • Piotr added a missing migration (we commonly forget to add migrations when there are small changes introduced).


  • Aditya changed some text fields in AMY's models so that they cannot be equal to a NULL (or None) value. Instead an empty string is used for these fields' default values. Some fields, especially ones with a uniqueness constraint, had to be left as nullable. In particular, this makes the Event.slug a required field.