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AMY release v1.9.0

Major AMY v1.9.0 version was released after v1.8.1 bugfix version.

Many thanks to Piotr who focused on code reviews.

Below, there is a list of changes introduced in v1.9.0 and v1.8.1.

New features

  • Chris added possibility to query historical data (reports) with parameters.
  • Greg and Piotr made membership concept first-class objects.
  • Piotr disabled invoicing.
  • Webpage with list of organizations displays current partnership level now, thanks to Chris. What's more, it's possible to filter organizations by their current or past partnership level now.
  • Piotr moved publicly accessible forms (like workshop submission or profile update request) to separate URL endpoint (forms/*).
  • Current events list in admin dashboard displays SWC/DC/LC labels now, thanks to Chris.
  • Chris introduced Django Debug Toolbar which makes development easier.
  • Piotr extended current search capabilities to training applications.
  • Chris improved training request workflow (see #1004, #1007, #1050) and instructor training workflow (see #976, #980, #981).
  • Chris added instructions and clarified how to use bulk add person form.
  • Greg added title to organization webpage.
  • Piotr disabled workshops submission.
  • Aditya altered choices in partner form.
  • Piotr added privacy consent fields to multiple forms.


  • Chris added hyperlinks in report on all activity.
  • Chris fixed a bug resulting in overestimation of number of trainees who became certified instructors.
  • Aditya fixed a bug in organization bulk import.
  • Chris enforced that contribution type (of membership) is required.
  • Chris added a field for middle name to training request and instructor profile update forms.
  • Chris added a field for notes in instructor profile update.
  • Chris fixed a bug resulting in double counting of instructors counts.
  • Chris fixed labels of invoice statuses.
  • Aditya made it possible to import an event using GitHub repository URL in addition to GitHub Pages URL.
  • Chris fixed a bug in filtering events by tags.
  • Chris fixed not displayed report plots by migrating to a newer version of d3 library.
  • Aditya improved "cancel" buttons.
  • Piotr fixed a bug resulting in server error while deleting an airport.
  • Piotr updated outdated files on production.
  • Piotr fixed a bug in event import functionality.