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AMY release v2.12.0 - 2020-05-02

Major AMY release v2.12.0.

New features

  • Piotr extended matching Training Request with person to secondary email - #1629
  • Piotr added instructors as PostWorkshopAction context (similarly to helpers) - #1634
  • Piotr added reports_link as PostWorkshopAction context - #1637
  • maneesha updated workshop URL help text on self-organised submission form - #1638
  • Piotr added PostWorkshopAction to "accept & create new event" views (3) for Workshop Requests, Workshop Inquiries, and Self-organised Submissions respectively. Additionally, the views were turned into Class-Based Views - #1633
  • Piotr added a collection of upgrades to Email Automation (#1639):
  • "previous", "next" buttons on Preview page
  • RQJob (when created) saves in DB related event's slug and list of related emails
  • RQ Worker (3rd party software) logs were enabled
  • additional log messages added for Django Admin actions regarding RQJobs (like cancel, preview, reschedule, send now, or retry)
  • configuration for Black was added, and some files were formatted with it
  • "View queue" button was moved from Email Templates to RQJobs (more suitable)
  • Jobs (from RQ library) now update RQJobs (from AMY) status when their (Jobs from RQ library) status changes.
  • Piotr updated handling of contact <meta> tag to support multiple values - also in Event models - #1642 - as part of this PR some bug were fixed, too
  • Piotr added updating template functionality to existing RQJobs. Existing admin endpoints started requiring POST. Some styling was improved, too - #1645
  • Piotr added tags to all actions' context - #1649


  • Piotr fixed an error caused by non-transactional database operation when matching Training Request with existing Person - #1627
  • Piotr solved internal error with Redis container not having permissions to write to /data - #1628
  • maneesha clarified text for self-organised submission form, so that it doesn't sound like only a certified instructor or member site could submit the form - #1630
  • Piotr fixed Instructors Over Time report - #1632
  • Piotr changed the way <meta> workshop tags are handled by AMY - now slug meta tag is ignored. #1631
  • Piotr updated social-auth-core dependency to sustain GitHub log-in functionality - #1636
  • Piotr fixed lack of redirection to page specified by ?next= param in URL after successful GitHub login - #1643
  • Piotr fixed HTML errors on Event edit page (#1642 - as part of this PR some new features were introduced, too):
  • multiple comment fields
  • Task and Sponsorship forms had multiple <form> tags around them
  • some fields in Task and Sponsorship forms had the same IDs, so both forms were prefixed