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AMY release v2.15.0 - 2020-12-06

Major AMY release v2.15.0. This release contains some big changes, like "Acknowledge Workshop Request review" manually-triggered emails and documentation generated and hosted at project's GitHub page. The new feature for preselecting options on "Accept & create a new event" forms should be useful, too.

Many thanks to our contributors, Kunal and Stephan, for fixing the accordion bug, fixing typos and improving our documentation! See below for more details.

New features

  • Piotr added "Acknowledge Workshop Request review" manual emails feature - #1712
  • Stephan added documentation generation commands, and improved the documentation accessibility - #1739
  • Piotr added a new "workshop listed on websites" question to WRFs - #1741
  • Piotr added 2 new fields to Self-Organised Submission form (start & end dates) - #1742
  • Piotr added a constraint for only allowing "Learner" role on open/member seat tasks - #1743
  • Piotr added automatic selection of "TTT open application" when TTT tag is selected - #1744
  • Piotr extended "Accept & create a new event" form with some automatic preselections - #1746
  • Piotr extended "AskForWebsite" email automation action with supporting instructors role - #1748
  • maneesha changed heading on the dashboard to better reflect actual workflows - #1751
  • maneesha added a membership agreement link - #1753


  • Piotr fixed issues reported by CodeQL quality-assurance tool - #1713
  • Kunal fixed broken accordion component on training request form - #1733
  • Piotr updated Python Pillow library dependency - #1728
  • Kunal fixed typo in training request confirmation email - #1732
  • maneesha fixed verbiage on workshop landing page and workshop request form - #1735
  • maneesha changed position where "is workshop public" question is shown at, making it more prominent - #1737