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AMY release v2.2.0 - 2018-11-01

Major AMY v2.2.0 was released on 2018-11-01.

Most notable feature of this release if the new unified workshop request form.

New features

  • Piotr upgraded Python and front-end dependencies, and later discovered that one Python dependency degraded, so it was reverted.
  • Piotr disabled profile upgrade requests - from now on people are forced to use their AMY account to upgrade.
  • Piotr added bulk upload of manual scores for training applications.
  • Piotr added multiple refinements to the all training requests page:
  • display of group and affiliation columns,
  • contact email changed to the one provided if no person is matching given record, or to the one from matched person otherwise.
  • Big: Piotr removed TODOs from AMY.
  • Big: Piotr implemented a new unified workshop form, replacing three now-deprecated models/forms: EventRequest, EventSubmission, DCSelfOrganizedEventRequest. The mechanics of this new form (changing state, accepting and creating an event, editing) are taken from the deprecated forms.
  • Piotr, as part of new unified form, added curriculum identificators to the form and to event objects.
  • Piotr added revision history tree to object history view, so that it's possible to browse through various change revisions and compare them.
  • Piotr implemented a new admin notification emails propagation - emails are sent to various addresses depending on the country of the request object.


  • Piotr fixed bugs in Memberships filter.
  • Piotr fixed instructor badges display bug.
  • Kunal fixed outdated README.
  • Piotr brought back removed code from Bootstrap3->4 migration, which was used to display form buttons on top of the forms (as addition to only bottom of the form).
  • Piotr added missing instructor training seat details on the Organization details page.