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AMY release v2.4.0 - 2019-01-02

Major AMY v2.4.0 was released on 2019-01-02.

This release is sporting a new commenting system that replaces old "notes" fields on Events, Persons, Organizations, Memberships, Training Requests and Workshop Requests. The summary of other changes is available below.

New features

  • Piotr enabled resizing for permission box on Person Edit Permissions page.
  • Piotr changed filtering logic in Find Workshop Staff - now instead of conjoining badges (badge1 AND badge2 AND badge3), we're summing them (badge1 OR badge2 OR badge3).
  • Piotr added the Library Carpentry tag
  • Piotr extended "Instructors num taught" by splitting the summary per each tag (SWC, DC, LC, TTT), and adding country field.
  • Piotr added commenting system, based on former Django Contrib application django-comments. Also the comments support Markdown now.
  • Piotr extended "Find Workshop Staff" with CSV download (which required a bit of internal changes).
  • Piotr extended "Workshops/Learners/Instructors over time" with additional filters.


  • Piotr added redirects from old URLs (pre-v2.3.0), to new (v2.3.0+) ones.