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AMY release v2.5.0 - 2019-02-03

Major AMY v2.5.0 was released on 2019-02-03.

This release brings a bunch of fixes and contributions from other people.

New features

  • Maneesha renamed 'Group Name' to 'Registration Code' in Training Requests.
  • Elizabeth updated email addresses on the training form page.
  • Piotr added searching in comments, as this stopped working when we moved from notes fields to comments system.
  • Piotr added display of badge & award data in membership details.
  • Piotr added Datatables for tests in one table (event tasks). If it works out, we may add Datatables to other tables in AMY.


  • Piotr fixed errors in script.
  • Piotr fixed migration checking in Travis-CI script; now Travis correctly checks for missing migrations as part of the continuous-integration.
  • Maneesha fixed Makefile and wrong path to file.


  • Piotr removed Invoice and Profile Update requests - both features haven't been used for a long time.