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AMY release v2.6.0 - 2019-03-05

Major AMY release v2.6.0 was issued on 2019-03-05.


  • Piotr changed (again) the place jQuery is imported in base.html.
  • Piotr enabled compression of CSS files (CSS maps were rendering un-compressed files unusable).
  • Piotr reworked the Makefile so that some potentially risky commands don't behave in a risky way. More in #1476.

New features

  • Piotr parametrized Django Admin URL (so now it's not available under '/admin', but somewhere random).
  • Piotr added Criterium model (for sending emails regarding workshops in specific geographic areas to specific addresses) and Continent model (for defining continents). Continents are used in searching (All Events and Find Workshop Staff pages).
  • Piotr changed wording and behavior of minority questions in Training Request form. Now the field doesn't ask for details, and works with automatic scoring.
  • Piotr extended workshop tags validation to accept split latitude and longitude tags. This feature was requested upstream in workshop template repository.
  • Piotr reworked Training Progress page in two Pull Requests: a warning note (regarding missing data) was added, some misleading information and links were updated.
  • Piotr added Library Carpentry requirements to the training process.