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AMY release v2.8.0 - 2019-06-19

Major AMY release v2.8.0 was issued on 2019-06-19, more than two months after previous release v2.7.0.

New features

  • Piotr reworked "Find Duplicate Persons" view, so that now it's using a table and radio buttons for selecting merge candidates.
  • Piotr also added "mark as reviewed" feature to "Find Duplicate Persons", allowing to dismiss possible duplicates until they are updated. If they are updated at least 1 minute after "mark as reviewed" timestamp, then they will show up on "Find Duplicate Persons" page.
  • Piotr added special log file for logging failed login attempts. This will be later used for fail2ban to disallow IPs with too many failed login attempts.
  • Maneesha changed description of host responsibilities agreement on the workshop request form.