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AMY minor release v2.9.1 - 2019-09-24

Minor AMY release v2.9.1 was issued on 2019-09-24, and is a follow-up to previous major release v2.9.0.

This release mostly consists of bugfixes following the release of a major feature, namely three workshop request forms.

New features

  • Piotr extended CSV download of Training Requests with a review_process (Application Type) column.

Bug fixes

  • Piotr updated repository links in the documentation file.
  • Piotr updated missing pagination widgets on All Workshop Inquiries and All Self-Organised Submissions pages.
  • Piotr fixed super-narrow admin-selection widget (it only occurred if there was no admin selected previously).
  • Piotr fixed incorrect permission names in some workshop inquiries- and self-organised submissions-related pages.
  • Piotr fixed a data migration (self-organised Workshop Requests -> Self-Organised Submissions), which was missing some fields
  • Piotr enabled cache for Select2 widget queries, which fixed a bug related to users' inability to search/autocomplete.