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AMY release v4.0.0 - 2022-10-15

This major AMY release v4.0.0 contains three projects:

  • Community Roles
  • Single Instructor Badge
  • Instructor Selection

Each of the project contains a lot of features and bugfixes, as they underwent staging testing on a test server.

Ticket trackers for each of the projects:

  • Community Roles:
  • Single Instructor Badge:
  • Instructor Selection:

  • Piotr asd - #1000

  • [LB][] asd - #1000
  • Maneesha asd - #1000

New features

For complete list of features, please follow project links above and milestone link.

  • Community Roles project brings in better defined roles for every person in the database. This includes, for example, links to resources they're maintaining, or termination reason, along with enablement time period.
  • Single Instructor Badge is a migration project, making changes to AMY to drop support for Instructor Badges from various Carpentries; instead, a single Badge will exist for all instructors.
  • Instructor Selection is a project most important for the end users (instructors). It implements a list of workshops looking for instructors. This will make the spreadsheet where instructors sign up for workshops deprecated.


For complete list of bugfixes, please follow project links above.

Other contributions

Apart from projects, there were some dependencies or code quality fixes, and we had some external contributions:

  • Kamil fixed date range validation for Community Roles ([#2126]
  • Sylwester contributed a change to fix Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie's last name ([#2161]

We also saw some contributions from Maneesha and Sher!.