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Carpentries Community Facilitators Program

The Community Facilitators Program is a new initiative in The Carpentries that seeks to create new pathways for active involvement in everyday community activities by more community members. This program will help sustain the growing Carpentries community and support other core programs that contribute to the advancement of our mission.

Key Definitions

  • Community - a place where members feel a sense of belonging and a desire to work together towards shared goals.
  • Cohort - Carpentries community members trained at the same time and who then work together to develop relevant community-facing resources that address specific glue-work needs
  • Community Facilitators - community members trained using the Community Facilitators Program curriculum
  • Program Curriculum - suite of resources developed by this Task Force to train Community Facilitators
  • Curriculum module - set of resources in the curriculum addressing one topic i.e. Code of Conduct facilitation
  • Post-Training Framework - A resource created by the Task Force to guide Community Facilitators in identifying needs in The Carpentries community that they can collaboratively work to alleviate in their cohort after their training


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Introduction 00:00 1 Introduction What is the Community Facilitators Program in The Carpentries?
Feedback Facilitation 00:00 2 Feedback Facilitation What is covered under the Feedback Facilitation module of the Community Facilitators Program, and what is missing?
00:15 2.1 Theory of Feedback What forms can feedback take?
What are the steps involved in giving, receiving and responding to feedback?
What does optimal feedback look like - and how might feedback become distorted?
Why is feedback important in creating and maintaining healthy communities?
01:45 2.2 Feedback in The Carpentries How does feedback flow in The Carpentries?
02:30 2.3 Collecting Feedback in The Carpentries How can one scout for existing informal feedback in different platforms that community members use to interact?
How can one solicit for feedback from community members effectively?
03:15 2.4 Organising Feedback in The Carpentries Why is organising feedback such a critical step in an feedback cycle?
Once feedback is collected, how can it be organised effectively for next steps?
04:45 2.5 Closing the Feedback Loop Why is it important to cultivate the practice of closing the feedback loop in communities?
Code of Conduct Facilitation 00:00 3 Code of Conduct Facilitation What is covered under the Code of Conduct Facilitation module of the Community Facilitators Program?
00:30 3.1 Theory of Codes of Conduct What is the relationship between community norms, participation guidelines and codes of conduct?
How can one begin to develop a Code of Conduct
00:55 3.2 The Carpentries Code of Conduct How was The Carpentries Code of Conduct developed?
What are the core tenets of The Carpentries Code of Conduct?
01:20 3.3 Code of Conduct Facilitation in The Carpentries What necessitated the introduction of Code of the Conduct facilitators role in The Carpentries?
How will Code of Conduct facilitators work with the Code of Conduct committee in The Carpentries?
01:40 3.4 Code of Conduct Facilitation Scenarios What are example situations that may require Code of Conduct facilitation in The Carpentries?
02:20 3.5 Community of Code of Conduct Facilitators How will Code of Conduct facilitators interact with one another in the community?
02:30 3.6 Code of Conduct Facilitators Onboarding Schedule How long are onboarding sessions for incoming Code of Conduct facilitators?
Communications Facilitation 00:00 4 Communications Facilitation Content Pending
Technology Facilitation 00:00 5 Technology Facilitation Content Pending
Resource Enhancement Facilitation 00:00 6 Resource Enhancement Facilitation Content Pending
Accessibility Facilitation 00:00 7 Accessibility Facilitation Content Pending
Community Buddy System 00:00 8 Community Buddy System Content Pending
00:00 Finish

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