This lesson is in the early stages of development (Alpha version)

Feedback Facilitation


Teaching: 10 min
Exercises: 5 min
  • What is covered under the Feedback Facilitation module of the Community Facilitators Program, and what is missing?

  • Give an overview of content and resources made available to feedback facilitators during onboarding and over the course of their cohort work.

  • Start a discussion about additional sections that may be necessary to add to the feedback facilitators module.

This module was co-created by Lou Woodley and Camille Santistevan from CSCCE and Serah Rono and Kari Jordan from The Carpentries.

Here is an outline of what is covered in the Feedback Facilitation module of The Carpentries Community Facilitators Program:

  1. Theory of feedback
    • Definition of feedback
    • Types of feedback
    • Role of feedback in the continuity of communities
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • The ideal feedback cycle
    • What does optimally presented feedback look like?
    • What distorts feedback?
  2. Feedback in The Carpentries
    • The Carpentries Feedback Ethos
    • Feedback from the Carpentries Core Team & Governance to the Community
    • Between Community and Core Team
    • From Governance to Community
    • From Community to Governance and Core Team
    • Feedback from Community to Community - Identifying the Feedback Distortions - How Feedback Facilitators will Close the Feedback Loop
  3. Collecting Feedback
    • Scouting for Feedback
    • Conversational Communications Channels
    • Broadcast Communications Channels - Soliciting for Feedback
    • Additional considerations - Responding to comments
  4. Organising Feedback
    • Internal Workflows
    • External Workflows
    • Primer on Using GitHub
  5. Closing the Feedback Loop


What additional content should we consider adding to this module for the benefit to feedback facilitators? Let us know by opening an issue or emailing us

Key Points

  • Feedback Facilitation Module was co-created by The Carpentries and CSCCE to prepare Carpentries community members for feedback facilitation roles