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Community of Code of Conduct Facilitators


Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 5 min
  • How will Code of Conduct facilitators interact with one another in the community?

  • Identify community spaces available to Code of Conduct facilitators to confer and build rapport with one another in the community

Summarily, the role of Code of Conduct facilitators is to serve as visible points of contact and bridge the gap between incidents occurring and being reported for resolution by the CoCc. As with any other skills developed in The Carpentries, we believe that trained Code of Conduct Facilitators are able to exercise their mandate to advocate for others in The Carpentries and in other collaborative communities not associated with The Carpentries.

Trained Code of Conduct facilitators will be invited to a closed Slack group and invite-only mailing list to facilitate centralised support and discussion on sensitive subjects. Although conversations will occur in closed groups, Code of Conduct facilitators will be required to abide by the Code of Conduct, act with integrity, exhibit a high degree of empathy, and honor the trust afforded to them by the community when raising items for discussion. These spaces will serve as a resource-share point, and afford Code of Conduct facilitators the opportunity to check-in with their mentors - the Carpentries CoCc. Periodically, Code of Conduct facilitators will be able to request for, organise and/or receive invitations to roundtable discussions around pertinent issues.

Key Points

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