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Code of Conduct Facilitators Onboarding Schedule


Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • How long are onboarding sessions for incoming Code of Conduct facilitators?

  • Understand how initial Code of Conduct facilitation training and onboarding sessions are structured

Code of Conduct committee members are brilliant folk with lots of expertise, knowledge and resources to share. Up until this point, you will notice that the CoCc has little to no interaction with our global community outside the scope of investigating, addressing and resolving conflict and interactions that affect our collaboration-driven ethos and impact our interactions negatively. Formal opportunities for the CoCc to mentor and guide others in The Carpentries have been missing.

The work of the CoCc is non-trivial - in fact, because conflict can make or break a community, we view the work of the CoCc as core to the continuity and sustainability of our community. We also think it is important to cultivate positive interactions between the CoCc and our global community. Having the CoCc lead the onboarding and oversight of Code of Conduct facilitators in The Carpentries will help make this possible.

Code of Conduct facilitation training will be open to everyone who is interested in taking on the role in the community. Training sessions will take place once every eight weeks, and will be limited to groups of ten (10) to twenty (20) people at a time.

Session Time Facilitator
Welcome, CoC and Overview 10 min  
Introduction 15 min  
Theory of Codes of Conduct 25 min  
Carpentries Code of Conduct 25 min  
Break 15min  
Code of Conduct facilitation 1 hour  
Join CoC community and outro 30 min  

Key Points

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