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Setup Download files and setup software required for this lesson
00:00  1. Introduction to the New Template How do I get started?
00:12  2. Episode Structure How do you create a new episode?
What syntax do you need to know to contribute to a lesson with the new template?
How do you write challenge blocks?
What syntax do you use to write links?
How do you include images?
How do you include math?
00:24  3. Editing a {sandpaper} lesson What is the folder structure of a lesson?
How do you download an existing {sandpaper} lesson?
00:29  4. EXAMPLE: Using RMarkdown How do you write a lesson using RMarkdown and {sandpaper}?
00:36  5. Lesson Deployment What is the two-step model of deployment?
Why do we preserve both generated markdown and HTML?
00:41  6. Maintaining a Healthy Infrastructure What are the four components of the lesson infrastructure?
What lesson components are auto-updated on GitHub?
00:53  7. Auditing Pull Requests What happens during a pull request?
How do I review generated content of a pull request?
How do I handle a pull request from a bot?
00:58 Finish

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