Learner Profiles

Our maintainer community is full of individual with different motivations for maintaining lessons. This page will catalog some maintainer profiles so that we can identify how we can make the template easy to use for them.

General Maintainers

Tamar Teosinte — Pythonista, Machine Learning, Maize Genetics
Tamar is a graduate student maize geneticist who has developed a machine learning algorithm to rapidly identify color changes in maize kernels that identify tagged transposable genetic elements. She knows many students in her field who could benefit from knowing how to write reproducible python workflows, so she applies and becomes a maintainer for the Plotting and Programming with Python lesson. She is proficient with Git, GitHub, and Python. She has used R in her undergraduate statistics course, but has not used it since. She uses the VSCode IDE and Anaconda Python for her work.

R Maintainers


Incubator Maintainers


We have a vast and diverse instructor community with varying levels of expertise. These profiles will help us understand their motivations for using the lesson template

Under Construction

Profiles are still being constructed. If you can, help out by clicking the “Edit on GitHub” link below and submit a profile!